4 simple desk stretches for office workers

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We have all been guilty of sitting at a computer for too long, in fact many of our jobs require it. Not only is sitting at a desk relatively comfortable, getting interrupted mid-way through your productivity zone is quite inconvenient.

Our bodies soon become accustomed to sitting at a desk until one day, we are not as comfortable doing this for long periods of time. This is because our bodies have developed ‘office posture’.

When gravity takes over, our posture changes. Our shoulders start to hunch which pulls on the trapezius muscles and contracts the pectoral muscles. Our neck spends too long in either contraction or tension (bent over forward or hanging back), which increases headaches.

Prolonged sitting causes the ligaments in our spine to become strained to accommodate the c-curve as we fold our torso in half, which also places pressure on digestive organs. Don’t forget hamstrings, hips and lower back – they also become tight and painful.

Office posture is real and it’s painful, with serious effects on our physical and mental health. The best ways to help your body is to move. A sit-stand desk will allow you to divide your time between sitting and standing. If a standing desk is not an option, set an alarm to do stretches intermittently until they become routine.

Here are 4 useful stretches that won’t take you far from your computer – and your body will love you for it.


4 Stretches for Sitting Desk:

4 Stretches for Standing Desk:

The stretches above are all quick and easy and should become part of your daily routine. If you need some extra pain relief for your office posture, remedial massage will increase blood flow to loosen tight muscles and get you back to living a pain-free work life. Book a massage with me today!